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We are committed to live Christ by providing in the basic needs of our  orphans and widows suffering from injustices. To  equip and train local pastors and leaders. to reach the lost and plant churches where they can be discipled.

How can you get involved?

There are many ways to help out.

* You can join us on a trip and help out first hand

* Pray with and for us

* Share your blessings by giving towards:

   - the monthly care of our orphans and widows

     - sponsor a pastor's studies


   - help us to fulfill our vision as  misSionaries.


USA Outreach 2015

Arise and be God's flaming Sword
Wednesday October 28th 7:00pm Hillcrest Baptist Church, 11406 Ballardsville Road, Louisville, KY
Thursday October 29th 6:30pm His Village Church, 128 W. Culpeper Street, Culpeper VA
Friday October 30th 6:30pm Trunk or Treat : Newbirth Community Church, 5919 Merrill Rd.
Jacksonville, FL
Saturday October 31st 9:30am Prepare to meet the King Women's Conference
Newbirth Community Church, 5919 Merrill Rd. Jacksonville, FL
Sunday November 1st 10:30am Newbirth Community Church, 5919 Merrill Rd. Jacksonville, FL
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Sponsor an Orphan

  Sponsor one of our orphans. YOU can make a difference!

There are at least 48 million destitute orphans that are going to bed most nights hungry. Hands on Africa provides loving homes to orphans in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Zambia.  Our mission is to feed, clothe, educate and meet the needs of the children in our care. When you sponsor a HOA child, you provide meals, clothing, shelter, medical care and an education to a child who has lost everything. They didn't choose their fate and deserve to be loved and taken care off.

 For about $1 per day you can change a child's life forever...

Latest News NEW!

Charity Leather Wrap

All the proceeds from the sale of the Charity Leather wrap will go to bettering the lives of the Children and Widows of Africa. Available in White, Black and Dark Brown.  Packaged in a story box, making it the perfect gift that keeps on giving.


There are 48.5 million orphans in Africa. The majority of orphans originate from losing parents to Malaria, HIV, AIDS and poverty. Many of the children are born infected and as these children grow older and have children of their own, they will die, leaving their children orphaned just as they were.

Because of limited medical and educational influences in their lives, the cycle of disease continues to affect each generation.


Hands on Africa aims to help the people of Africa to help themselves. HOA train and employ local people to take care of the orphans and widows. At the Bible Seminaries pastors are trained to preach the Gospel effectively, to disciple those who come to Christ and to plant churches to accommodate these new believers. The Masters graduates are already involved in lecturing in the Bible Seminaries and they ate establishing satellite schools.


Hands on Africa dedicate all of their time and

resources to help the people of Africa break the cycle.

YOU can make a difference by joining us.



Upcoming Trips


Want to join us on a missions trip? For information please e-mail us at 

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