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Our First Concern



Since March 2010 we took many teams to Kenya to start and continue involvement of the 4000 kids from the 10 schools participating in the program. Tom Willson our director of Baseball in Africa was baptized by the locals as "THE FATHER OF BASEBALL IN KENYA". Tom's dream of 2 years ago is happening and is shaping well.  Since then we have seen many children praying to receive Christ and teachers have testified to the positive changes this program has made in the schools.


The container with the donated baseball equipment and uniforms arrived in July 2010 and it was a great joy for Tom and Jenna to supply the schools with uniform for the mini one day tournament we had in September 2010. Each of the schools entered a girls and boys team and the day ended as a brilliant success and by far the most colorful event the area ever witnessed. These children are not used to shoes and soon the majority of those privileged to receive shoes discarded the shoes and continued to play barefoot. The parade and dancing of joy at the end marked this as an unforgettable day for all of us, the participants and the large crowd of spectators. THANK YOU to each one who donated, received, packed and loaded these goods into the container. Your efforts were not in vain and God will reward you for your sacrifice and support.


By God's grace we were able

to supply each child, 3300 of them, with a New Testament Bible. The introduction of Baseball to the area has not only created many outreach opportunities which resulted in large numbers of the children praying to receive Christ but also many of the parents were reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ with hundreds praying to accept Christ as their Savior


Watch this video to see our baseball ministry


History has been made with the building of the first baseball field in Kenya! More schools have been added to the baseball program with a waiting list of more than 20 schools. The gospel is preached at every opportunity and the girls and boys are being educated about sexual purity. Introducing the game to these children has impacted their lives in many ways.
This gives us a great opportunity to share Christ on a regular basis with well over 4000 students.


Donations and volunteers are the foundation of our program. We cannot develop the game of baseball in 3rd World countries in need without YOU.

Your support makes all the difference in our ability to give a young boy or girl the chance to play baseball. Each and every volunteer, whether an individual or part of a group, team or organization is the life-line to fulfilling our mission.




Equal opportunity for girls as well to learn and play softball
In a few years to bring champion team to play against American teams
In future to enter a team into Little Baseball League World Series
To use the game of baseball to develop skills and self confidence in kids
Contribute towards improving their educational environment

ULTIMATELY to reach these kids for Jesus and bring real life to them.

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