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Theological Seminaries
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While doing pastors conferences in Kenya in 1997 Andre became aware of the great need for sound biblical training. Many pastors did not even own a bible, 3 pastors would take one bible and divide it into 3 portions in order to at least have a portion of the Word. Andre approached the Baptist Theological Seminary in Cape Town, South Africa and in July 2000 a two year certificate course in pastoral ministry was started in Kenya with 25 students.

The first graduation took place in November 2002 for 21 of the original student body. These graduates begged for an opportunity to further their studies. In the search for a program to extend the current course God connected Hands on Africa with Dr. Ray van der Wal of the Jacksonville Baptist seminary. They offered Hands on Africa an opportunity to use their Bachelors Degree in Theology Curriculum and in 2002 an adjusted Curriculum was implemented.

All of the students at the Bible School, most of which are already pastoring churches, minister in extremely difficult circumstances. Their congregations are poverty-stricken and cannot support them. God has enabled Hands on Africa to provide an almost free Theological education to men and woman committed to the Great Commission. Student fees are 75%  sponsored.

Our vision of reaching the unreached is continually being achieved through the equipping of these men and women, over more than 200 churches have been planted and are pastored by our college students.

In November 2002, 16 of the graduating students began the B.Th program with enthusiasm. The curriculum offered will meet the needs of students ministering anywhere in the world, but particularly so with regards to the African continent. Some of our graduates have become lecturers in our two Bible Learning Centers teaching students in their mother tongue towards a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry and some of the graduates of our Masters program is now lecturing in the Kenya, Zambia and Malawi Bible Seminaries.  Part of our vision is to equip them to help themselves and we are excited that God has accomplished this through our Bible Seminaries.

The Bible Seminary had such an impact that it not only continued to grow in Kenya but in 2006 we started a Seminary in Malawi and in 2009 one in Sierra Leone.  This is a real step of faith, as we trust God to continue to provide the financial support. Help us help them to be equipped for ministry.

There are many great testimonies about the life changing impact that the Bible Seminaries have on pastors.


Maulidi's story is just one of them.  He joined the Bible School in Migori, Kenya from Tanzania.  There was a drought in the country at the time and he could only save up enough money for his registration fees, not for food or transportation.  He borrowed a bicycle and after 2 days of cycling through the African bush, he reached the Kenyan border but was not allowed to cross the border with the borrowed bicycle.  Someone at the border agreed to safe-keep the bicycle - the fee was the same amount as his registration fee.


He continued the 15 mile walk to the Bible School - without food or money.  On the third day, after the Bible School was in progress, the leaders of the student body told Andre that one of the students was not healthy and has not eaten since he arrived at the Bible School.  Upon investigation Andre discovered that this student was present but did not register.  He summoned Maulidi to his office and was touched by this man's commitment and story.  Upon registration, students receive meal tickets, but because Maulidi did not have money to register (he used his registration money for the safe-keeping of a borrowed bicycle) he did not receive meal tickets and was already six days without eating. 


Maulidi is now the vice-principal of a school and pastoring a church in Tanzania.  He is busy with the Masters Program and involved in the Tanzania learning center.


Hands on Africa currently has over 800 students in our Seminaries and Learning Centers in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Africa. We now have well over 200 graduates and 6 masters degree graduates who are eager and willing to be used by God.




The need for pastors in Africa to be equipped is staggering. Grading papers and assignments for so many students is a challenge and nightmare for lecturers who volunteer their time and money while having full-time jobs. If you are not able to go to Africa as a lecturer but can assist us in grading papers and assignments, please contact Andre. This is another opportunity to become part of this great ministry whose impact in Africa is immeasurable.



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Bachelor Degree in Theology. 120 Credit hours (40 subjects), 5 years.
Master Degree in Theology: 60 Credit hours, 3 years.
Associate Degree in Theology: 60 credit hours (20 Subjects)
Certificate in Pastoral Ministry: 40 credit hours (20 Subjects)
Program are mostly sponsored by donations and volunteers and students only pay between $40 and $60 per year.





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