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Our First Concern

Most students never had the opportunity to receive education of a higher level if any at all. They are motivated and sacrifice a lot to live and study in our very basic facilities. 75% of their studies are sponsored and it is really a challenge for them to raise the 25 % that they are responsible for because most of these students don't earn much money (if any at all).


 Malawi Seminary was started in 2006 with 13 students and we opened a second Seminary in Malawi in November 2013 and the student body have grew to 550 students. We also started the master Degree program in Malawi November 2013 with nine students. Our greatest challenge was to supply these students with study materials and we now provide students a tablet with a library of books, allowing them sufficient resources for research and extended education.


It is a huge privilege to be used by God to impact the lives of the students, of whom the majority is already pastors or spiritual leaders of a church. It is with great excitement that we are looking forward to see how God will shape most of them according to His plan and purpose for their lives and ministry, resulting into much Kingdom fruit through them. We already hear many incredible testimonies form students whose lives and ministries have been impacted.




 Watch this video to see what God has done in the Malawi Bible School during these past years.




 Video: Malawi Bible School July 2013


Graduation 2013

After 5 years of hard work, another 9 students graduated in July with their Bachelor Degree in Theology. Our 2nd graduation ceremony in Malawi was a glamorous and joyful event, a wonderful testimony to the glory of God who enabled us to witness the results of Him using us graciously in the lives of the students. Please watch a short video showing the exciting event.


 Video: Malawi Bible School Graduation July 2013


 Watch this testomony of Malawi Seminary Student


Another testimony of Malawi Student



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