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Testomonies of students
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"I joined the seminary in March 2005, graduated in September 2010 and is now busy with the Masters program. Beginning my ministry in 1999 and after several years of pastoring, teaching and evangelizing, it was evident to me that there was a need to be more equipped. The seminary has helped me and many other students to grasp the essential truths of the Bible which will help us meet the many needs of God's people. I thank Dr. Andre Delport, the entire staff amd sponsors who have sincerely sacrificed for the sake of the seminary. To each of them I offer my thanks. It is my prayer that the Lord will use the seminary to show forth His glory and fill His people with the Holy Spirit." Rev. Wilson Owuor


"I am a born again believer and a minister of the Gospel of Christ. I thank God who opened a door for me to join the Hands on Africa Seminary. I completed by Bachelors Degree in 2009 and is now busy with the Masters program. This seminary has transformed my life so that I can serve God better. I am involved in the Bible Schools in Western Kenya and Uganda. I have seen many pastors and church leaders be transformed. I give God all the glory and honor for the president and entire team of Hands on Africa who has made the seminary a success through prayer, moral, physical and financial support. May God Almighty bless you all."

"I got saved as a teenager in 1976 and by 1980 I was fully involved in church ministry and ministries in schools. Even though my profession is in engineering I have always been involved in evangelism and church leadership. I have worked mainly with the church in the villages and small markets that can hardly sustain their ministers. This means that I have always had to do my normal (tent making) work as well as work in the church. I realised that I needed to be equipped but quality training means that I have to have enough money to pay for it and would have to leave my job to study full time, this was impossible because I had a family to take care of. I prayed for a solution and as an answer to prayer a friend of mine introduced me to Hands on Africa where I can train and still handle my other activities. Not just training but life transforming training that have greatly enhanced my ability to minister to the church and teach God's people. May God bless you." Vincent Singa


"I am married with five children and 8 grandchildre. I am sixty years old. I joined Hands on Africa Seminary in 2004 and graduated in 2010. After having served in the church for over twelve years, I was very poor at reading the Word of God, application fo the Word and listening to the voice of God. The training at the seminary changed my life. I started to view the Word of God in a different persepctive, it was a starting point with my walk with Christ. My life has been transformed, I spend good time daily reading the Word, studying the Word and seeking the face of God. Through this teaching two women who were Muslims, my neighbours and their children got saved and are still standing in faith to date, bearing fruits in the Kingdom. I have grown from one strength to another, teaching Bible study every Wednesday, discipleship class on Sundays and am a house fellowship leader in our village. I also get the opportunity to preach in our church with a congregation of over six hundred members. May God bless our lecturers and Dr. Andre Delport, not forgetting those that have laboured to sponsor this seminary, may God enlarge the territories of this seminary and let it bear much fruit that will remain. Lenah Mary Kuto


"I was born again in 1995 while I was in high school. I joined ministry in 2001 where I served as an associate pastor. Even though I was saved and commited to the ministry, my love for God was more of intelectual than experiencial. I knew God was real, read the Bible a lot and even preached to people about His love. However, honestly speaking, I did not experience Him personally in my life. It wasn't until I joined Hands on Africa Seminary when God became real in my life. Every time I sat under men of God, our lecturers, I really experienced God intimately. This led to the change of my perception about Him and increaed my love and obedience to Him. Before I joined training, I did a lot of mistakes during my preaching because of my wrong perceptions about Him. But when I joined the seminary, I realised that I mesed up a lot and the things that I preached became strange and scary. I thank God that through the training He opened my eyes and after repenting I was able to correct and handle the Scripture with care. Dr. Andre challenged us a lot to develop the burden of taking the Good News to other people and from that point I just have to reach out to other people for Christ. In the past I was a bit scared because I wasn't effective but today. when I see how God uses me to touch many lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is so nice I can't wait. We have a team that reaches out to East Africa and have been to Burundi where we have planted churches. God willing, we want to start a Bible School there to equip pastors for the work of ministry.
Lastly, theological studies in Africa is a rare opportunity. It is not easy to access quality education and if you are privileged it is never cheap. It is for this reason that I thank God so much for Hands on Africa. God is really using this ministry in a mighty way to equip African pastors and leaders. Thanks to Dr. Andre Delport for the great vision and a big heart for Africa. Thank you to sponsors for supporting the work of Hands on Africa. Please know that whatever you are giving is doing great for God's Kingdom in Africa. God bless you all." Pastor Patrick Odoke


"I joined the seminary in 2006 and my first semester was very challenging. What I used to know and had preached several years was challenged by my lecturers. I had so many questions that was answered by them. This seminary has shaped my life and character. By what I learned in this seminary has helped me to do ministry work. I have helped several pastors on church planting mission. Last year August, I planted a church at Kitale using the church planting skills I learned from HOA. The church started under a tree, but now we are building and God is increasing the growth every day. We are now 60 members. I could still be suffering since attending a Christian College in Kenya is very expensive and I could not afford it. In future, I want to invest my skills in evngelism and church planting and helping my brothers in the work in Southern Sudan. May God bless HOA and the sponsors who made all this possible." Simon Wesalah Okwako


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