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Sierra Leone Orphanage
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Our First Concern

  Currently 52 orphans in our orphanage in the remote area of Pendembu Village with no running water or electricity. Since we have opened this orphanage, we have seen afraid, unloved children who knew nothing about Jesus, transform into happy healthy children, worshipping Jesus because they are experiencing His love in a tangible way.



When some of our children reached the age to go to high school, we really felt the need to start a school because there is no high school in the area. We employed teachers and started in two rooms at the orphanage, but the need is so great in the surrounding 16 villages that we felt the need to build a school where we could also fulfill their needs.

The construction of the school building is in progress and should be completed soon. We are excited about this opportunity to reach young people for Christ in the middle of 16 villages where the majority of the villagers are of the Islamic faith.


The story of the two brothers -

Gassimu & Umuru

There they were - scared and had nothing except each other, they touched our hearts. We were asked by their aunt to take them with us to our new orphanage in Sierra Leone. She could not care for them anymore...and so they became our first two orphans in Sierra Leone!


These two boys who came from a Muslim background, learned about Jesus and worship Him. Umuru is a born leader who leads the daily worship times for the children and has a desire to become a pastor. They are a testimony to what a sense of belonging and experiencing the love of Christ can do.


Adopt one of our orphans today for a monthly donation of $30. 

        Please visit our adopt an orphan page   for more information or e-mail Michelle Koorts at michelle@handsonafica.com


Click here to see pure joy when we visit the orphanage the first time in two years after the Ebola crisis.


Click here for a video on our orphanage in Sierra Leone


Watch this video to see a glimpse of the children singing and worshiping God!

Sierra Leone Orphanage Kids worshiping God


Watch this video about our orphanage in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Outreach 2013

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