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Zambia Orphanage - Opened in March 2014.



What an awesome experience it was to open the new orphanage in the Copperbelt province in Zambia. We saw how 38 scared and abandoned children change before our eyes into happy loving kids.

About a ten minute walk from our orphanage is the school and a Catholic remote hospital which offers free health care.


The story of Emmanuel that touched our hearts...

We found Emmanuel living on the street, his mother died and he has no idea what happened to his father. He could not tell us when he last saw his father or how long he's been living on the streets and was in the company of some older boys sniffing drugs. We invited him to come to the orphanage and saw how this 12 year old boy was transformed from an abandoned child into a smiling and loved boy - a natural leader. When an invitation was made to the kids after the Gospel message, he was the first to jump up to pray to receive Christ.



Watch the testimony of Emmanuel


 February 2015

It's always an unforgettable and humbling experience to spend time with these children. Whether we play, share the Word, worship in song, do fabric painting on t-shirts, make necklaces, teach them reel knitting or to knit scarves or just color, their gratitude for every small little thing and their enthusiasm is an inspiration. Although they do not really care for the taste of their vitamin drinks, they would obediently line up when it's time for that, just because we tell them to. Some of them received cards and pictures from their sponsors , it was hard for them to comprehend the fact that they were important enough that someone would take the trouble to do that!


 Testimonies from some of our orphans-

Watch the testimony of John Banda

Testimony of Christabel

  Testimony of Agness and Ruth

Watch this video from our outreach in July 2014

 Video from our outreach in January 2015


Watch this short video about the opening of our new orphanage



Watch this latest video on our mission in Zambia


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