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Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibilities


  • Project Patricia 

Project Patricia makes cloth, reusable maxi  pads  and sends them with Missionaries to be distributed to women and girls of menstruating age. Over 5000 sanitary pad kits have been distrubuted to women and girls in Africa.

  • Clean Water 

Consider the fact that almost 1/4th of the world's population lives on drinking water what most people wouldn't even touch. Most of the population in Africa has virtually no access to clean water.


To date HOA have done 16 water wells, an underground storage tank and and 11 water tanks with gutters.


HOA has also partnered with Filter of Hope http://filterofhope.org who produces a low cost filter that provides 100 gallons of clean water a day and last for 10 years. Don from Filter of Hope donated 10 water filters to us that takes 99.9% of the bacteria out of the water.


We took some to Malawi and some to Zambia. It is easy to install and all the tools needed for doing so was included and all we needed was two buckets for each filter. We hope that in the future we will be able to take many more of these filters into Africa and help the village people to have clean drinking water.


These filters cost $40 each. If you want to help please send us donations and designate your check "WATER FILTERS".


  • Grace Farm Development - Malawi

We create jobs, generate revenue and develop skills for the surrounding villagers by involving them in the planting of crops. In 2014 we had 580 families planting soya on the farm which provided food and income to them that will impact about 5000 lives.


We have planted Macadamia trees to provide work and an income to approximately 1000 families in the area. Our Netherland partners, Stichting Raise www.stichtingraise.nl who have being doing an excellent job with the trees, reckon we should be able to harvest our first worthwhile harvest in the next season.


Stichting Raise also runs a Day Clinic with free medical care for the farm workers and orphans with a full time missionary.

Watch this video on Grace Farm Development:

Grace Farm Development



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