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Women Ministries
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Our First Concern

Ladies Conferences in Africa.


Reach the women and you reach a nation! If the women of Africa learn to love Christ, they can impact the lives of their children and change a nation. The vision of Hands on Africa is to teach the women of Africa that they are of value, not only to Christ but also to their families and communities.


The facts:

  • African women are mostly considered unimportant and of no value other than work, bearing children and fulfilling the husband's sexual needs. Girls often find themselves in arranged or even forced marriages, into which they enter at very young ages, 28 persent of all girls are married before the age of 20, mostly as one of multiple wives. 
  • According to tradition women also have no right to own or inherit property.
  • 51% of all women above the age of 15 are not able to read and write.
  • The African value of 866 deaths per 100.000 live births - partly due to dismal medical services which only guarantee 50.9 per cent of all births being attended by skilled health personnel - is alarming and far worse than in any other region of the world.


Watch this video on our woman conference we had in  Sierra Leone


On our latest outreach in Kenya during a woman conference we had an awesome experience to see 75 women humble themselves before God and praising Him for setting them free! It touched our hearts to see the joy and appreciation for the opportunity to make simple bookmarks and bandanas as a reminder of the message and receiving sanitary pads from Project Patricia. We take so much for granted.


 Project Patricia


Project Patricia makes cloth, reusable maxi pads and sends them with Missionaries to be distributed to women and girls of menstruating age. Over 5000 sanitary pad kits have been distrubuted to women and girls in Africa. 



Read more about Project patricia Our Partners Page

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